"Your focus determines your trajectory." 

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Hi, I’m Cheng Ruan, MD.

I founded Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine in 2017 as a prototype for the delivery of collaborative medicine to show the world that integrative, lifestyle and functional medicine does not have to be expensive and can exist within the medically insured population. As a dedicated educator, I find that doctors also need the same level of education as much as patients do to navigate the delivery and consumption of healthcare in the United States.


"Health is not delivered through the practice of medicine. It is delivered through relationships, community, and mindset."

Media Spotlight

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Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

We focus on patients to guide them in their own health journey. We collaborate with doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other health professionals to help their most complex patients thrive through collaboration, communicaton, and investigation. 

Global Energy Healing Summit

The 2022 Global Energy Healing Summit brings together the world’s energy healers, Akashic record readers, naturopaths, and more to help you identify, channel, and direct your energy for health, wealth, and happiness.

My Podcast

This podcast is designed to reveal invisible realities of our mind, body, and soul. While some may be health related, it is most certainly human related. I interview  people who have had interesting experiences we can all learn from.